StayblCam Wholesale and Reseller Information

If you own an online or offline store, would like to become an authorized StayblCam reseller, want to import the StayblCam into your country for sale, or purchase our products wholesale for the purpose of resale - you've come to the right place.

With the increasing popularity of the StayblCam worldwide, we often receive requests for wholesale pricing and quantities.

Benefits for resellers:

  • Profitable for resellers
    Our wholesale prices leave good margin for resellers, and with the high demand we are seeing worldwide for the StayblCam - those good margins will add up for you quickly.
  • Easy to sell
    The StayblCam doesn't take a lot of effort to sell - largely because videos easily demonstrate what it is capable of. As a reseller, there is minimal effort required in 'educating' your customers what the product can do, simply because it speaks for itself. It also helps that the StayblCam works universally on so many smart phones and devices, and is super simple to use.
  • Almost anyone can afford one
    The price point of the StayblCam was pushed down low enough to where most people don't hesitate on buying it because of price. Other stabilizers on the market cost more, are harder to use, and were not designed to work well with both action cameras, compact cameras AND mobile phones. The StayblCam does it all at an affordable price!
  • Both a core product - and an upsell
    Your customers will buy the StayblCam on its own - but because of it - they will also want to buy more of other relevant products in your inventory such as action camera accessories, smart phone extras, video / photo related products you may have, etc. On the flipside - the StayblCam nicely complements these types of products as an upsell too.

 Contact us today for our wholesale pricing schedule, minimum order quantities, and more!


We look forward to establish a great business relationship with you!